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Colosseum Tour

Colosseum Tour

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"The time passed quickly as we walked through the sites. Having Ettore as our guide felt like we had with us a very engaging, knowledgeable and animated Italian friend; the tour felt less like a lecture and more like having a conversation with a long-winded and funny mate. From time to time, as he told us of the history and significance of the sites, he would throw in bits and pieces concerning information gleaned from geology, recent findings, present-day politics, and movies. The three hours flew by and we said good-bye to our guide with great satisfaction and contentment that we had made a right decision to not only take a guided tour of the Colosseum and Forum but that we had chosen well with Presto tours. Highly recommended!" AMN K Seattle, Washington


    Palatine Hill
    Roman Forum
    Underground Colosseum
    Coloseum Upper Tier
    Group Size: 10 Guests or Less for 3 hour Presto Tour

    Tour Start Time

    8:40 AM

    All Inclusive Price

    € 79 Adults

    € 69 Students Ages 25 and under

    € 59 Children Ages 6-17

    Free Children Ages 5 and Under

    What's Included

    All Entrance Fees

    Instant Entry to Sites with Skip the line service

    3 hour Presto Tour w/ maximum group size of 10 guests

    1.5 hour tour of Colosseum Underground/Upper Tier led by a Colosseum guide (not a Presto Guide) w/maximum group size of 25 guests

    Meeting Point

    Near Colosseum Metro Stop (details provided in automatic confirmation email)

    Tour Duration:

    3 hour Presto Tours

    1.5 hour Colosseum Underground/Upper Tier Tour w/ Colosseum guide


    If you are a holder of a RomaPass or E.U. citizen age 65 or older, we invite you to email us prior to booking to reserve your tour at a discounted rate. Please note that children under age 18 do not pay for entrance fees at the Colosseum and the above prices reflect this.

Welcome to Ancient Rome! Imagine a time and place when renderings of revered gladiators are posted in local advertisements to draw the public to the city's local stadium to see "the fight." The public is intrigued by new and exotic animals shipped in from all over the Roman Empire--from places as far away as Africa--and in line to be set loose in the arena stage of what used to be known as "The Flavian Ampitheater."
Colosseum Tour

It is a time when the locals conversed in Latin, dressed in linen cloths, and bathed in the city's public Caracalla outdoor baths. One of the strongest empires in history was in its hey day. The Vestal Virgins kept the undwindling fire, and society revolved around mostly Pagan practices. This is Ancient Rome. And they are the Populus Romanus--the people of Rome.

Amazingly, this ancient city, and capital of the once undeniably powerful Roman Empire, is still visible in its material form. At least some of it. Long ago, the empire succumbed to other forces be them politically-motivated invasions and looting, or environmental factors such as earthquakes and fires. However, the Colosseum itself, a symbol of the empire, still stands-- for the most part-- in its original form.

We explore politicians of this era, Cicero, Julius Caeser, Nero, Constantine and more. We marvel at the revolutionary architecture and vivacious culture of this time period as we retrace the footsteps of once-locals strolling down the Via Sacra (The Sacred Way) and stepping into the once-bustling hub of city, the Roman Forum. Surrounded by temples and arches from approximately 2000 years ago, we ponder ancient rituals and traditions surrounding daily life, gladiatorial games, Roman food, family structure, and the Senate. We'll learn about the beginnings of the city, Rome's geographica layout and its seven hills, and walk up to the Palatine Hill which was much like Ancient Rome's Beverly Hills. We'll take a peek at the area where an underground grotto believed to have been worshipped by ancient Romans as the place where a wolf nursed the city's legendary founder Romulus and his twin brother Remus was unearthed just a few years ago in 2007.

As a new treat, we are now able to visit the underground level of the Colosseum and the Upper Tier. These areas have just opened recently to the public and we will have the thrilling opportunity to get even more up close and personal to the energies that this seemingly eternal stadium holds within its walls.

Meet Presto Guide Mitra as she gives an intro to our Colosseum visit:

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