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Ostia Antica Tour

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Ostia Antica Tour

Ostia Antica Tour (Private)

"Son, for mine own part I have no further delight in anything in this life. What I do here any longer, and to what end I am here, I know not, now that my hopes in this world are accomplished." − St. Monica (who died and is buried in Ostia) to her son, St. Augustine

All Inclusive Tour Price:

  • € 109 /Adult
  • € 99 /Students (Ages 18-25)
  • € 39 /Students (Ages 6-17)
  • Free (Children 5 and under w/ID)
  • 2 Guest Minimum
    Minimum of 2 Guests required. If you would like to tour solo, we invite you to sign up as 2 guests.


  • Ostia Antica

Tour Time:

  • Your Choice

Meeting Point:

  • Piramide Metro Stop in Rome
    (details provided in automatic confirmation email)

Tour Duration:

  • 3 hours

Ostia Antica Tour

Ostia Antica is 2 miles from the sea. How and why was it considered Rome's seaport? Who kidnapped two senators in Ostia Antica in 68 BC? About 30 minutes from the center of Rome, Ostia Antica reveals through its archaeology a virtual experience of Ancient Roman city life. Ostia means "mouth" – and literally, the port city of Ostia Antica was situated at the mouth of the River Tiber near the Tyrrhenian Sea and served as Rome's seaport. On this unique and surprising tour, we will trek the same ancient streets that were once bustling with sailors and merchants from all corners of the Roman Empire. Our guide will bring to life the history o the crowded taverns, baths, theatres, brothels and apartment buildings that remain intact today.
Ostia Antica Tour

Ostia Antica is conveniently located near Rome and offers a less crowded, more serene atmosphere than the Eternal City. Similar to Pompei, the ruins of Ostia Antica are spread over a large geographical area and unveil the intricacies of early Roman life. However, Ostia Antica offers amenities of modern life including a museum, shops, cafeteria all in close proximity to nearby beaches and Rome. En route and during your Presto Tour, you will be enveloped by the beauty of peaceful Roman countryside. Our guide will convey the relevance of the ancient graffiti, mosaics, frescoes, preserved architecture of this critical harbor city. Ostia Antica reinvented itself over time, eventually becoming an urban escape for wealthy Romans. You will discover the ingenuity of ancient times: the story behind communal latrines, an ancient fire department and numerous public baths. This itinerary consists of Necroplois, Porta Romana, Republican Warehouses, Baths of Neptune, Teatro, Square of the Guilds, Mill, Via Casa di Diana, The Forum, The Marine Gate and we will finish up with a visit to the Ostia Museum.