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Rome Wine Tour

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Rome Wine Tour

Rome Wine Tour (Group)

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"In vino sanitas." ("In wine there is health.")" − Gaius Plinius Secundus aka Pliny the Elder (23-79 AD)

All Inclusive Price

  • € 79 /person


  • 4 Glasses of Wine & Abundant Appetizers in Roman Enotecas with Sommelier

What's included

  • 4 Full Glasses of Wine
  • Generous Appetizers: Cheese, Salumi, vegetables, and more
  • 3 hour Tour with Presto Sommelier

Tour Start Time:

  • 5 PM Tuesdays and Fridays

Tour Duration:

  • 3 hours

Meeting Point:

  • Campo de' Fiori
    (details provided in automatic confirmation email)

Rome Wine Tour

On your next trip to Rome, meet fellow travelers, share a table, enjoy fine food, all whilst taking the time to share a few glasses of wine. Savour Italy's finest wines in the company of a Presto resident sommelier. Enjoy 4 full glasses of Italian wine and bountiful, buffet-style appetizers. Each wine will be paired with its appropriate appetizer matching. Your sommelier will share her secrets on how to choose the best wines for specific foods and give you a peek into the art of winemaking in Italy--an art which has its roots in millennia past. Some themes your sommelier may touch upon are:

Why was wine declared "democratic" in Ancient Rome?
Rome Wine Tour
What did Romans add to their wine to improve shelf life?

Walk the streets of the Eternal City where the wine barrel originated and where this drink of "The Golden Age" in 2 B.C. was savored for the first time. On our tour we will stop in and have a taste of some of the finest wines in Rome, accompanied by some of the freshest cheeses, salumi, vegetables, and traditional Italian appetizers. Indulge yourself in the city's beautiful surroundings while enjoying delicious wines, strolling through the romantic streets of Rome, and learning about the most revered drink in Italy.