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gravatar Nancy Traubitz – Silver Spring, MD
April 03
Subject: Sara & Hector

Dear Presto Tours,

We have used Presto Tours for five tours in March 2010 and March 2013, twice for the Vatican with two different and equally excellent guides, twice for the Colosseum/Palatine Hill, both times with Sara, and this year for the Catacombs with Hector. We first found Presto tours in an article in the Washington Post and booked our semi-private tours on line. The on-line response from staff and the directions emailed to us were clear, helpful, and prompt. Every time we arrived to begin a tour, the guide was waiting for us, was concerned about our well-being, and was knowledgeable and responsive to our questions and needs way beyond the call of duty. We especially appreciated Sara's wit and sensitive information, and her suggestions for lunch and transportation options appropriate for our group of three: grandmother (75), mother (45) and grandchild (16), I have traveled frequently with major tour companies in many cities in Europe and have never had better guides. For example, Presto staff was quick to reassure us via email when the Vatican was closed for a few days this March. Hector rearranged our tour of the Appian Way and Catacombs to get us out of the pouring rain. As the grandmother and organizer of these two trips to introduce grandchildren to Europe, I can only say, thank you, thank you.
Nancy Traubitz
Silver Spring, MD

gravatar James Allocco – USA
October 01
Subject: Vatican skip the Line Tour

My wife, her sister and had a wonderful tour of the Vatican with Eleana. We had a small group of 12-15 people as compared to much larger tour groups that I wittnessed. Elean was very knowledgeable about the history of the Vatican, the popes the artists and the works of art. We felt fortunate to have her as our guide and were both educated and looked after. Thank you Eleana.

Jim Allocco

gravatar Adriana – Canada
September 30

Excellent customer service! Will recommend to any of my friends going to visit the wonderful and beautiful country of Italy.

gravatar Richard and Catrina – Sydney, Australia
June 06
Subject: Tiffany

Hi Presto people

We went on your Vatican tour yesterday 5/6/12 at 8am. Tiffany was our tour guide.

What a lovely and knowledgeable lady. Not only did she look great, she also knew how to keep us informed about all the different sculptors, painters and their characters. She knew her way around and kept us thoroughly entertained. As an American she seemed to have greatly adapted to the Italian way of life.

We felt we learned a lot and feel pleased we took the Presto tour.

Thank you

Richard and Catrina

gravatar Kori – New York City
June 05
Subject: Sarah

My family and I went on a tour of the Colosseum, Palatine Hill, Roman Forum with Presto Tours last week, as well as a number of tours of other sites led by other companies, and we all agreed that the Presto tour was the best.

Presto seems to keep the groups small so you can always hear the guide and don't have any problems staying together.

On top of that, our guide had an M.A. in Italian Studies and told us about the qualifications of other Presto guides (all M.A. and Ph.D. holders), which means they are all specialists and know what they are talking about.

My family was a diverse audience - a 15-year-old high school student, 30-year-old PhD student specializing in Italian history, and two parents - and all of us got a lot out of the experience.

I shopped around a lot before choosing this tour and am very glad to say that I definitely made the right choice.

gravatar Marion
June 05
Subject: Tiffany

We thoroughly enjoyed our tour of the Vatican. The professionalism of your guide and her enthusiasm for her subject were outstanding. She far outshone any other guide in personality and knowledge we had on our trip. We would certainly recommend your company to our friends. Thanks also for your help in booking the tour.


gravatar Anonymous – Portsmouth, UK
May 31
Subject: Excellent Tour of Vatican Museum and St Peters

It is very rare I rate anything as 5-star on Trip Advisor but I am happy to do so with The Vatican Tour organised by Presto Tours.

I was a little worried when it cost a total of €108 for two but.....by the end of the tour I realised it was worth every euro. The queues were huge at 10:30 am but our tour guide was able to jump all of the queues and arrange a personal radio as well (entry fee and radios included in above price).

I am not a religious person but culturally the tour was astonishing and made much more interesting by our Presto tour guide wbleepedwas highly knowledgeable. I think we were lucky inasmuch as we were only a party of two couples (us two Brits and two Americans).

Thanks Presto, we will use you again.

gravatar Simon – Dublin
April 26
Subject: great tour - only way to see and understand the Vatican

We took a semi-guided tour of the Vatican in March and Federica was our guide. Only 4 on the tour that morning so it was almost like a private tour whcih certainly enhanced the experience. Federica's english was excellent but then again she did fine-tune it in Trinitiy College Dublin!!! Incidentally our daughter is currently a student in Trinity. I would like to compliment and thank Feberica on making our tour so enjoyable and hope you will pass my comments on to her. Her passion for art is obvious and her knowledge really helped us leave with a better understanding; basically we could not have gained very much from "doing our own thing". She is very direct too which I found refreshing particularly in insisting we asked any questions. A couple of times she noticed me taking a particular interest in something and engaged me on it specifically which was great and she was certainly helping to make the route more personable. All in all a really positive experience and we left with a much greater understanding and appreciation of the vatican and the museums.

gravatar Antonios – Athens, Greece
April 01
Subject: The Vatican tour with Ryan was just perfect

The tour we took with Ryan on Monday 7th March 2011 was just perfect.
We were just a group of three people (can you believe it ?) and we skipped the
endless queues outside the Vatican Museum.Our quide Ryan was kind, patient and
informative. In just three and a half hours he showed all the highlights of the museum
collections and St Peter's Basilica and he was ready to answer all of our questions.
I suggest Presto Tours and Ryan to anyone wbleepedwants to visit Vatican.
One of the highlights of our visit to Rome.

gravatar Anonymous – New Mexico, USA
April 01
Subject: Touring Rome the Smart Way

My husband and I toured Rome years ago.. We did all the tours we could fit in, which was sort of a mistake. For the Vatican Tour, we went with a company that had us waiting in the longest line on the planet. We felt really crowded out since our group was pretty large and the whole experience felt really overwhelming. It was great to see the Vatican, but we both felt like the whole experience blew right past us. The second time around, we knew that we wanted to tour the Vatican again, but had to be more careful about whom we chose to tour with. I read some great reviews about Presto and sent them a few emails. I got really fast and helpful responses everytime I sent them a list of questions. They even opened a tour at a time they didn't previously offer it just so we could make it happen! The tour guide was fantastic and very knowledgeable! He really made the entire experience special and his enthusiasm got the whole group buzzing. This company gets VIP access to the Vatican so we didn't have to wait in line and I think they said the group max was 15 people. Even the kids that other couples brought to tour really enjoyed it. I am pretty sure that this is also a family-run business which is another bonus. I have a niece that is touring Rome for school and suggested Presto Tours, it turns out that they even have a budget tour. Love these guys!

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