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Torino Tour

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Torino Tour

Torino Tour

"...I lean on the edge of my balcony. I abandon my face over the railing. I am not sad. I am not sad any more. She's coming back tonight..." − Excerpt from Absence by Guido Gozzano, Torinian Poet (1883-1916)


  • Palazzo Madama
  • National Museum of Cinema
  • Torino Cathedral
  • Palatine Towers
  • Palazzo di Citta

Meeting Point:

  • Piazza Castello at the Palazzo Madama (details provided in automatic confirmation email)

Tour Duration:

  • 3 hours

Private Tour Time:

  • Your choice

Private Tour Price Payable in Advance:

  • € 99 /Adult
  • € 89 /Students (Ages 18-25)
  • € 29 /Children (Ages 6-17)
  • Free (Children 5 and under w/ID)
  • 2 Guest Minimum
    Minimum of 2 Guests required. If you would like to tour solo, we invite you to sign up as 2 guests.

Entrance Fee Payable Onsite:

  • None

Torino Tour

A cosmopolitan northern city, Torino was the first capital of unified Italy and offers an abundance of colorful history and culture. Our tour offers you the opportunity to discover the first capital of the Kingdom of Italy (1861-1865). Home of chocolate production in Italy, Torino celebrates a two week chocolate festival each year - Cioccolato. The city boasts prestigious universities, a highly esteemed aerospace industry and a revered roster of literary figures.

Our walking tour will enlighten you on the role of Torino's history and its influence on modern-day culture. Our tour guide will take you to the Torino Cathedral, dedicated to St. John the Baptist, where you can see first-hand the controversial Shroud of Turin: considered by many to be the cloth in which Jesus Christ's body was wrapped for burial. Torino Tour Discover the National Museum of Cinema, the tallest museum in the world. See the Palatine Towers, among the best-preserved remains of the Roman civilization in northern Italy. And visit the historical and architectural buildings of the legendary city. Discover why Turin was host of the 2006 Winter Olympics and is considered by many to be Italy's "most elegant big city."