Happy Name Saint Day!

A fun little fact about Italy is that for each Catholic Saint there is a feast day each […]

Rome Shore Excursion

For all cruise aficionados out there, we’d like to share how to best take advantage of your limited time […]

Must see: Borghese Gallery!

The Borghese Gallery, located in the heart-shaped park of Villa Borghese is something that I would recommend to […]

English Language Mass in Rome

There’s no shortage of churches in Rome, certainly, but if you are looking to attend mass rather than […]

Torino: Museum Must-See

If you find yourself in Torino, there’s one place you can’t miss…well even literally since its tower is […]

Cultural Week

Coming up pretty quickly is the 13th annual Cultural Week, recognized not just in Italy but around the […]

Fashion Week: Milan

What is Fashion Week exactly?  Pretty much what the name suggests- it’s a week long sort of expo […]