With all the holy hype around about the beatification this spring of John Paul II, you might be […]

Just Plane Comfort

These days for those traveling in Coach on long flights, it seems that the space between yourself and […]

Roma & Piu’ Pass (or Pass)?

You might have read my blog about the Roma Pass, which explains what it’s for and who it […]

Day Trip Suggestion: Pompeii!

Day Trip Suggestion: the ancient city of Pompeii!  Just about 2 hours by train away from Rome, experience […]

Day Trip Suggestion: Florence!

Ah the beauty of the day trip…hop on a train or bus, see something totally different and new, […]

Snow in Rome?

Travelers often ask me what the winter is like in the Urbe.  Generally I respond that it’s cold […]

Reindeer Rollcall

How does the Italian Santa Claus find his way Christmas Eve if it’s foggy?  Not sure, but he […]

A Sweet Holiday Necessity

Ahhhh you know the holidays are fast approaching when suddenly every supermarket has stacks upon stacks of Panettone […]