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If the dramatic stories of politics, religion, and war mixed with the epic tales of betrayal, deception, and power capture your imagination then you will find endless satisfaction on our walking tours of Italy. From the legendary assassination of Julius Caesar in Rome to the powerful lineage of the Medici family of Florence to the glorious history of Sicily’s agriculture and archaeology, Presto Tour Guides will satiate your curiosity. Our guides are experts of Italian history and embrace their passion, sharing their knowledge and insights about various regions of this remarkable country. Whether you seek deeper comprehension of ancient history, a broader understanding of architecture, a keener eye for fine art through the ages or insight into this land's natural geography (and disasters), we promise to capture your imagination with Italy’s robust history. We bet you never knew the facts could be so thrilling!

A Day in the Life of a Pope Tour (Private)

What would it would be like to be the Pope? As the most prominent figure of Catholocism our guide will give you the chance to walk the streets of Vatican City while they fascinate you with their knowledge of the Pope's endless schedule....  A Day in the Life of a Pope Tour

Ancient meets Modern Rome Tour (Private)

Perhaps the most powerful empire in the history of the world, Ancient Rome came to control over Western Europe and the Mediterranean as early as the 10th century BC. Through often violent conquest and social integration, Ancient Rome offered a collective sense of security to several provincial kingdoms throughout the land....  Ancient Modern Rome Tour

Basilicas of Rome Tour (Private)

Often visitors to Rome are so eager to visit the Vatican City that they often overlook the other basilicas of Rome. Learn the history and stories of main basilicas of Rome, while examining their influence on present-day Rome. We will visit the Basilica of St. John Lateran, the oldest and most important among the four "Patriarchal" basilicas in Rome ....  Basilicas of Rome Tour

Baroque Rome Tour (Private)

Baroque Rome holds some of the most prominent architecture, music, and art of history. And this period shaped modern Rome in many ways. See the works of the greatest Italian architects of the Baroque era; Bernini, Borromini, and Pietro da Cortona. Visit Giacomo della Porta's Fountain of the Moor which is decorated with magnificent sculptures....  Baroque Rome Tour

Castelli Romani Tour (Private)

Meaning "Castles of Rome," Castelli Romani are 16 hill towns nestled in the Colli Albani (the Alban Hills) that boast epicurean delights, distinctive wines and impressive villas with majestic gardens. Seasonal festivals abound in this region: ranging from strawberry and grape festivals to garden festivals....  Castelli Romani Tour

Julius Caesar Tour (Private)

Julius Caesar was a priest, a soldier, a politician and widely accepted in Ancient Rome as a descendant of Venus, The Goddess of Love. His assassination in the Senate triggered the transformation of Rome from the Roman Republic into the Roman Empire. Learn why he was responsible for the Roman Civil War of 49 BC, one of the last battles within the Roman Republic, and referred to by many as 'Caesar's Civil War'....  View Julius Caesar Tour

Life of an Ancient Roman Tour (Private)

Begin with a visit to the Museum of Roman Civilization in the EUR district to view the fascinating exhibits on every aspect of Roman culture- home and family, government and religion, art and architecture, education and libraries, science and medicine, war and military....  Life of an Ancient Roman Tour

Medieval Rome Tour (Private)

Join us for a stroll in Trastevere, the area which has the best remains of the Medieval period of Rome. Santa Maria in Trastevere, in the heart of Trastevere, arguably one of Rome's most precious Medieval relics and one of Rome's oldest churches, complete with sparkling mosaics and beautiful bell tower....  Medieval Rome Tour

Ostia Antica Tour (Private)

About 30 minutes from the center of Rome, Ostia Antica reveals through its archaeology a virtual experience of Ancient Roman city life. Ostia means “mouth” – and literally, the port city of Ostia Antica was situated at the mouth of the River Tiber near the Tyrrhenian Sea and served as Rome’s seaport....  View Ostia Antica Tour

Renaissance Rome Tour (Private)

Two of Rome's most impressive 16th century Palaces invite you inside where you will see some of the period's best works of art and architecture. Villa Farnesina, once the country home of the wealthy Chigi family, designed by Peruzzi, and now boasts an extensive collection of Renaissance art including works by Raphael and Giulio Romano....  Renaissance Rome Tour

Tivoli Tour (Private)

About 45 minutes from Rome, Tivoli is an easy and idyllic excursion out of the city. Tivoli was allied with the Gauls before it was conquered by the Romans, the Byzantines, Charlemagne and the Austrians. Its turbulent leadership was reflected in its rebellious citizens and fierce struggles with Rome....  Tivoli Tour

Trastevere & Jewish Ghetto Tour (Private)

We roam the enchanting labyrinth of winding streets in the old Jewish neighborhood of Trastevere, uncover the history of the ancient temples in Largo Argentina, acknowledge the sight of Julius Caesar's murder at the Senate House, take a brief peek at the lively Campo dei Fiori, and stroll the quiet backstreets and alleyways...  View Trastevere & Jewish Ghetto Tour

Villa Adriana Tour (Private)

Only 16km from Rome and easily accessible by bus, the hillside town of Tivoli is home to the awe-inspiring Villa Adriana. Covering more than 18 square kilometers and situated among 30 buildings, Villa Adriana (or Hadrian's Villa) is an archetypal display of Roman luxury. As the World Heritage Centre proclaims, "The Villa Adriana is a masterpiece that uniquely brings together the highest expressions of the material cultures of the ancient Mediterranean world," the villa is an absolute must-see excursion while you are visiting Rome....  Villa Adriana Tour

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