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Italy Tours

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Italy Tours

Meet the romantic cities of Italy with the company of a Presto Guide. Whether it's your first time or your fiftieth time, join us for the fast track to Italy's best offerings from the story of Romeo and Juliet in Verona, pizza in Naples, a gondola ride in Venice, and Michelangelo's David in Florence.

Rome Tours

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Rome is proud. Reminders of its 2500 year old identity are densely scattered throughout its streets and museums. It is home to political, cultural, philosophical and artistic treasures which beckon people from all over the world to experience. The magnitude of Rome’s influence on architecture, cuisine, government and urban planning over the course of history cannot be overstated. Walk her streets, visit her art, eat her food, relish in her atmosphere and feel her pride.

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Florence Tours

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Florence is the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance. Home to enthralling art and sculpture including Michelangelo’s David. Florence is a city of artistic distinction and home to Dante, the father of the Italian language. Its monuments, churches and museums are centerpieces that contribute to Florence’s captivating aura. The River Arno majestically cuts through the city creating a stunning cityscape which includes Ponte Vecchio, the Duomo and the Uffizi Gallery.

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Venice Tours

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A city like no other, Venice is built on 100 low-lying islands. Linked together by bridges and walkways, the communities of the city share majestic canals upon which gondoliers navigate their boats. Geographically isolated from outside influences, Venice has sustained fiercely unique styles throughout its history: architecturally, artistically, politically and academically.

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Ancient Agrigento Tour

Ancient Agrigento Tour >

Agrigento has a captivating and complex history dating back to prehistoric time. It is a city laden with architectural jewels and epic tales. Formerly known as Acragas by the Greeks, Agrigentum by the Romans, Kerkent by the Arabs and Girgenti by the Normans, Agrigento has unique historic layers to unearth!

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Assisi Tour

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Nestled in the majestic hills of Umbria, Assisi is a small town of immense beauty and spiritual significance. In 1182 St. Francis of Assisi was born in this hilltop village and eventually dedicated his life to non-materialism and simplicity. Join us in discovering the beloved stories of Italy's patron saint and the vital artwork produced by Giotto, Lorenzetti and Martini in the saint's honor at the Basilica of St. Francis.

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Genoa Tour

Genoa Tour >

With a wealth of churches, palaces, and museums, the beautiful seaport city of Genoa is home to the largest medieval quarters in Europe. Join us for our tour as we share the fascinating history and knowledge of Genoa, one of Italy's most interesting cities.

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Lucca Tour

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A treasure of Tuscany, Lucca is a remarkable city which has preserved its historical architecture and Renaissance spirit. It is famous for its massive 16th century wall which encircles the city; originally constructed for defense, it was transformed into a tree-lined avenue which offers a spectacular pedestrian walkway over its entirety.

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Milan Tour

Milan Tour >

Along our walking tour of this fashionable city, we will see first-hand why Milan is home to the next World Fair in 2015. We will visit the world's 4th largest cathedral, Duomo di Milano, a gothic style church which took five centuries to complete and is home to the famous "Madonnina."

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Naples Tour

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In 1889, pizza originated in Naples. A culinary and musical hub, Naples was also the home to the inventions of the mandolin and six-string guitar. The city boasts the oldest state university in the world, University of Naples Federico II, and the largest historic city centre in Europe.

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Orvieto Tour

Orvieto Tour >

Located in Southwestern Umbria, the medieval town of Orvieto sits upon steep cliffs of volcanic tuff. It has a dramatic setting and the soil from the ancient volcano accounts for the famous regional white wine. The early Estruscans began digging into the rock and created shrines, passageways and wells that still exist today.

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Padova Tour

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Neighbor to Venice, home to an 800 year old university where Galileo Galilei taught and the setting of William Shakespeare's The Taming of the Shrew, Padova is a highly desirable tourist destination. The layout of the city is inviting and its history intriguing. Facades of ancient buildings open onto the banks of the Bacchiglione River which is framed by intricately designed bridges including the Dei Tadi Bridge and San Giovanni delle Navi Bridge.

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Palermo Tours >

The largest province in Sicily and the capital of the island, the layout of Palermo is based on urban planning from the Middle Ages and is an easy place to get lost. Arab architectural influence from the Middle Ages is evident throughout the city including the Abbey Church of St. John of the Hermits and the town of Monreale which overlooks Palermo's valley.

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Parma Tour

Parma Tour >

Located between Milan and Florence, Parma boasts some of Italy's best cuisine, performing and visual arts, intriguing history and architecture. The city has an abundance of fine restaurants and great-tasting food - after all, Parma is the hometown of Parmesan cheese and Prosciutto Parma ham! Located in the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy, Parma is an affluent and culturally rich city.

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Perugia Tour

Perugia Tour >

The capital city of the Umbria Region, Perugia is a highly esteemed artistic city in Italy and provides stunning views and a wonderfully rich history. It is also famous for its chocolate and hosts a celebratory Chocolate Festival each October.

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Pisa Tour

Pisa Tour >

Pisa is best known as the home of the legendary Leaning Tower of Pisa, the most famous free-standing bell tower in the world. Situated at the junction of the Arno and Serchio Rivers in Western Tuscany, Pisa has been an important Italian seaside city throughout history.

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Pompeii Tour

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The Ancient Roman city of Pompeii is one of the most well-known archeological sites in the world. Completely buried by the volcanic eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79AD, this city was only just rediscovered in 1748 with careful excavation that continues today.

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Sicily Tours >

Sicily is a product of historical ingenuity and ambitious endeavors. Due to the multitude of civilizations that influenced and settled in Sicily, its archaeological sites are remarkable. These various cultures also provided Sicily with its flourishing beginnings. The Greeks brought grapes and olives, the Byzantines brought lemons, pistachio and sugar cane and the Arabs instituted irrigation systems. Sicily is an island that boasts a heritage of numerous inspirations.

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Siena Tour

Siena Tour >

Set in the Tuscan Hills, Siena is an impressively well-preserved and highly artistic Italian city. Declared a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1995, the organization commends Siena "as a work of art that blends into the surrounding landscape." This Medieval town boasts stunning architecture and design that will delight the most inquisitive visitors.

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Spoleto Tour

Spoleto Tour >

Nestled in a wide valley surrounded by the mountains of Umbria, Spoleto is one of Italy's most beautiful hill-towns. Its majestic landscape and ancient city walls contribute to Spoleto's inviting atmosphere and make it a wonderful place to tour. Its rich history includes the first Roman settlement of Spoletium which began in 241 BC.

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Ancient Syracuse Tour

Ancient Syracuse Tour >

Once a rival to Athens as the most important city in Ancient Greece, Syracuse has been an influential economic and political hub throughout the ages. The city is unrivaled in its abundance of ancient architecture including its famous Greek Theater, The Ear of Dionysius, the Temple of Apollo, the Tomb of Archimede and the Fountain of Arethusa.

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Taormina Tour

Taormina Tour >

A visit to the Greek Roman Theatre, the second largest classical theatre in all of Sicily, is breathtaking. Built in Greek times, and later enlarged and almost entirely rebuilt by the Romans in the second century AD, your tour guide will share with you its powerful history.

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Torino Tour

Torino Tour >

A cosmopolitan northern city, Torino was the first capital of unified Italy and offers an abundance of colorful history and culture. Our tour offers you the opportunity to discover the first capital of the Kingdom of Italy (1861-1865).

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Verona Tour

Verona Tour >

Situated in Northeastern Italy, Verona is affectionately known as "the city of love", in large part due to one of the most famous love stories in history: Romeo and Juliet. Needless to say, Verona is an intimate and picturesque city and lies on the Adige River.

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Viterbo Tour

Viterbo Tour >

Just 100 kilometers from Rome, Viterbo is a dazzling ancient city situated between two magnificent lakes, Bolsena and Vico. The geography of the lakes feeds the thermal springs just outside of the town. Enclosed by walls made of lava stone, Viterbo has spectacularly preserved medieval architecture and an abundance of antiques.

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