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Julius Caesar Tour

Tour Highlights

  • Julius Caesar's Life & Death

Private Tour Price:

  • Euro 235 for 1 Guest
  • Euro 35 each additional Guest
  • Free (Children 5 and under)

Meeting Point

  • Near 'Colosseo' Metro

Tour Duration

  • 3 hours

Suggested Tour Time

  • 8:30-7:00*

Julius Caesar was a priest, a soldier, a politician and widely accepted in Ancient Rome as a descendant of Venus, The Goddess of Love. His assassination in the Senate triggered the transformation of Rome from the Roman Republic into the Roman Empire. Learn why he was responsible for the Roman Civil War of 49 BC, one of the last battles within the Roman Republic, and referred to by many as 'Caesar's Civil War.’
Julius Caesar Tour

"Your ambition to reign, Antony, certainly deserves to be compared with Caesar's. But in not a single other respect are you entitled to the same comparison. . . . His character was an amalgamation of genius, method, memory, culture, thoroughness, intellect, and industry." -Cicero to Mark Antony

On this walking tour we will visit the sites of Caesar’s birth and death. While strolling the winding streets of his reign, we will see locations of his celebrated oratories. He spearheaded the first invasion of Britain and conquered Gaul. We'll see why 46 B.C. was 445 days long and how Caesar He rehauled the calendar system, creating a 365-day year. He placed himself above law and the constitution and named himself dictator for life. Our guide will share the ominous symbolism behind the Ides of March and re-tell the story of Caesar’s legendary assassination by an alarmingly large group of Senators. How many times was Julius Caesar stabbed.

Insider's Note: Rome can be very hot during the summer. Opt for an early morning or evening start time when possible.

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