Presto Tours Founder

Kirsten Presto


Just about 20 years ago, I traveled by train across Italy and when my feet hit the pavement in Rome that was it. I HAD to move there…And I did!

But I didn’t speak Italian, didn’t know how to cook, didn’t have a place to live, a job, and definitely didn’t have any Italian fashion sense (some things never change). More to the point… I knew very little about Italy.

As life would have it, I ended up meeting tour guide after tour guide to the point where all of my friends in Rome were either tour guides themselves or worked with tour guides. I ended up learning a LOT!

I created friendships with super hospitable and highly educated tour guides who never made me feel bad for not knowing something and that’s what gave me inspiration to create Presto Tours.

I realized that spending just a day with one of these prized people can change your entire experience of Italy. It really makes the world feel smaller too, and nowadays I think it’s so important to connect face to face with others. I want to share our guides with our guests.

At the moment, I live between Italy and the U.S. I love writing, dancing, Lake Winnipesaukee, and practicing yoga and ayurveda.