Meet Your Presto Tour Experts

Kirsten Presto


Just about fifteen years ago, I traveled by train across Italy and when my feet hit the pavement in Rome that was it. I HAD to move there…And I did!

But I didn’t speak Italian, didn’t know how to cook, didn’t have a place to live, a job, and definitely didn’t have any Italian fashion sense (some things never change). More to the point… I knew very little about Italy.

As life would have it, I ended up meeting tour guide after tour guide to the point where all of my friends in Rome were either tour guides themselves or worked with tour guides. I ended up learning a LOT!

I created friendships with super hospitable and highly educated tour guides who never made me feel bad for not knowing something and that’s what gave me inspiration to create Presto Tours.

I realized that spending just a day with one of these prized people can change your entire experience of Italy. It really makes the world feel smaller too, and nowadays I think it’s so important to connect face to face with others. I want to share our guides with our guests.

At the moment, I live between Italy and the U.S. I love writing, dancing, Lake Winnipesaukee, and practicing yoga and ayurveda.



Tom is a full time world traveler, but just your regular every day normal guy from Boston. He loves sports, people, and plants, and has been immersed in different foreign cultures for the past decade or so.

He has coordinated tours for Presto since 2007, and lived in Rome for the greater part of 4 years.