Rome Tour Guides

Create your Rome Experience. Get straight to the heart of Rome with one of our Presto Rome Tour Guides.

Italy Tour Guides

Rome Tour Guides

Create your Italy experience with one of Presto’s Rome Tour Guides. Standouts in their field, they are personable & entertaining too.

Whether it’s your first time or your fiftieth, join us for the fast track to Rome’s best offerings.  Presto Guides go through a rigorous evaluation process and are hand picked for their talent, spirit and intellect.

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Shore Excursions

We match a Presto Guide with your group and create a special itinerary designed to make the best possible use of your time, ensuring that you see the major sites and take away an understanding of, and appreciation for each city. You will dip your feet into each city and will surely set off at sea craving for your next visit! Whether you are embarking in Rome, Livorno, Naples, or Sicily, it would be our honor to share the day with you.

Italy Shore Excursions

Travel with Friends

What better way to get to know someone than a trip abroad?  Ok, you may want to get separate rooms but really, it can be difficult to meet up with friends these days.  We are all so spread out so why not plan a little friend reunion in Italy?  There’s so many ways to bond with friends while in Italy.  Most all of the ways revolve around food, coffee, and wine of course.  But also walking.  Did you know Italians hold strong to a tradition of taking a “passeggiata” ? A passeggiata is a slow paced stroll where you spend quality time just enjoying.

Rome Tour Guides

 Experts in their Field

Nervous about traveling solo? With the right precautions and planning, traveling solo is really the best especially when life starts to feel overwhelming.  It provides the opportunity to connect with ourselves and make new connections with fellow travelers and new people.  Of course you need to always walk on well-lit streets and not go out and about alone when you’ve had too much to drink.  You should have a cell phone on you, memorize your hotel address, and know the local emergency or police phone numbers.