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Gelato Rome Italy

Taste Local Flavors

Let’s face it.  The real reason everyone goes to Italy is for the food!  We have hot tips for you on where you gotta go when you’re in town.  From delis to gelato shops to pizzerias to panini masters, we’ve got your back.  Of course, there’s the 2 hour sit down meal experience at a proper restaurant that you won’t want to miss out on.  We can make restaurant reservations for you too.  To be blunt, we’ve got your back when it comes to your taste buds and your tummies.

Attend Local Events

As you probably know, Italy holds tight to its traditions.  From Venice’s Carnival Festival to wine flowing through its water fountains in Castelli Romani, to celebrating Mother Mary on her December Roman Catholic holiday, there’s scarce a day that some sort of festival isn’t going on.  We’ll keep you in the loop on events going on during your travel dates so you get to experience the Italian ways.

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Girlfriends in Italy

Travel with Friends

What better way to get to know someone than a trip abroad?  Ok, you may want to get separate rooms but really, it can be difficult to meet up with friends these days.  We are all so spread out so why not plan a little friend reunion in Italy?  There’s so many ways to bond with friends while in Italy.  Most all of the ways revolve around food, coffee, and wine of course.  But also walking.  Did you know Italians hold strong to a tradition of taking a “passeggiata” ? A passeggiata is a slow paced stroll where you spend quality time just enjoying.   We enjoy.  We share knowledge and create everlasting memories.  These are the kinds of experiences that are the glue to friendships.  So yeah, bring a friend!

Go Solo

Nervous about traveling solo? With the right precautions and planning, traveling solo is really the best especially when life starts to feel overwhelming.  It provides the opportunity to connect with ourselves and make new connections with fellow travelers and new people.  When you travel solo, it’s an especially great idea to join our group tours where you’ll meet fellow travelers as well.  Lots of our guests end up befriending each other.  That’s one of our favorite aspects of setting people up on our tours.  People come solo but leave with new friends.  What more could you ask for than forging friendly human connection?

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