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Private Vatican Tour & Breakfast

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Private Vatican Tour & Breakfast

  • 3.5 Hours
  • Easy Meeting Point
  • Expert Guide
  • Private Tour
  • Skip Lines
  • Tickets Included
  • Wheelchair Access

St. Peters Square Dusk
Sistine Chapel Vatican
St. Peter's Basilica Interior
Swiss Guards Vatican
Vatican Pinecone Courtyard
St. Peter's Basilica
Vatican Museums Entrance
Raphael Painting Vatican Museums
St. Peter's Square

Private Vatican Tour & Breakfast Overview

This Private Vatican Tour with Breakfast boasts an early bird entry to get you ahead of the crowds and settles you into the museums in the fresh morning air. Head into the Vatican Museums in the early morning for your American style buffet breakfast in the very romantic Pinecone Courtyard of the Vatican Museums.   Take your time eating and enjoying the atmosphere.  Your Presto Guide will meet you at the end of your breakfast and kick off your Private Vatican Tour guiding you through the maze of the Vatican City.  You’ll delve into the Vatican Museums’ world renowned art collection in various galleries, making your way to the infamous Sistine Chapel, and finally to St. Peter’s Basilica.

Tour Details

  • Duration − 3.5 Hours
  • Price − From €247
  • Days Available − view calendar
  • Meets near Vatican Museums

Tour Stops

  • Sistine Chapel
  • Vatican Museums
  • St. Peter’s Basilica
  • Raphael Rooms
  • Gallery of the Maps
  • Pinecone Courtyard

Tour Features

  • Price all inclusive of tickets, breakfast, and early bird entry
  • American Style Buffet Breakfast at the Vatican
  • Early Bird Entry (Enter before the Museums open to the public)
  • Skip the Lines
  • Photo Hot Spots
  • Pre-Departure Assistance
  • Easy Meeting Point
  • Outstanding Educator and Private Presto Guide
  • Comfortable Pace
  • Media Enhanced Tour
  • Punctual
  • Restroom Break
  • Price all inclusive of tickets, breakfast, and early bird entry

Special Offers

  • Get 5 % Off Entire Order if you’re traveling with Kids Ages 6-18.  Enter code “prestokids” on the checkout page
  • Kids 5 and Under Tour Free.  (No need to include them in the reservation but do leave us a note to let us know they’ll be joining you 🙂)

Private Vatican Tour & Breakfast

Enter the Vatican Museums right at 8 AM for a  once in a lifetime opportunity breakfast inside the Vatican City in the Vatican Museums’ Pinecone Courtyard.

This means getting a head start on your adventure of visiting the Vatican City. You’ll show your timed entry buffet breakfast voucher to the Vatican Guards at the Vatican Museum entrance, go through the security check, exchange your voucher for tickets at the ticket window, and head right up to the Vatican Museums’ own Pinecone Courtyard Cafe for your sit down leisurely breakfast.

Enjoy your breakfast, and then at 8:45 AM, your Presto Guide will meet you right at your breakfast table and you’ll get right to the subject at hand —the Vatican City and its profound role in today’s world both as an independent country and as headquarters of the Catholic Church.

This early bird Private Vatican Tour features special entry into the Vatican Museums while they are still closed to the general public. We skip the long lines–except for the security check. Naturally, everyone has to go through the metal detectors!

Inside the Vatican Museums, we visit the Pinecone Courtyard, the Octagonal Courtyard, the Greek statues of the Laocoon, Apollo Belvedere, Belvedere Torso, the Candelabra, Gallery of the Maps, Gallery of the Tapestries, Raphael’s Rooms, and finally, the Sistine Chapel.

Our head start into the Vatican means a peaceful and less crowded visit of the Sistine Chapel. We have the benefit of being ahead of the wave of visitors that enters the museums one hour after us and therefore get to enjoy the sacred space in the way that the Sistine Chapel was intended to be–in quiet.

After an extended visit of the Sistine Chapel, we utilize a special shortcut entrance into St. Peter’s Basilica which means avoiding the really long lines that develop in St. Peter’s Square.

St. Peter’s architecture in itself is breathtaking. The Vatican Papacy commissioned several artists and architects to help establish the Vatican City as the center of the Catholic Church.

Michelangelo himself has a gorgeous statue on display inside the Basilica called the Pietà and architect Bernini created the extraordinary Baldacchino Altar. There are intricate statues of angels and apostles inside the church.

Following our tour, it is possible to visit the Dome of St. Peter’s Basilica, the Papal Tombs, St. Peter’s Square, the Vatican Pharmacy, and the Vatican Post Office. There are Mass services throughout the day inside St. Peter’s Basilica in Italian and Latin that you are welcome to join.

Your Presto Guide will be happy to direct you to your destination of choice. Our Private Vatican Tour & Breakfast is about 3.5 hours long which gives us the excellent advantage of taking our time and attending to each individual guest’s questions and interests. Please let us know yours!

There will an opportunity to use the restroom half way through the tour prior to entering the Sistine Chapel. Our private tours with guides that I have personally scouted out ensures an optimal and personalized touring experience. We know it’s just one of those things you do just once in your life.

Presto Guides are professors, artists, art historians, actors, and lovers of art who choose to guide because they love meeting new people and love sharing the Vatican City’s unparalleled history and art collection with our guests.

If you prefer, we also have a later Private Vatican Tour without breakfast.

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