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I have been living in Rome for 17 years. I speak English, German, Spanish, French and of course Italian.

My main interests are in history, the fine arts and anthropology. I am also a Renaissance theatre expert and theatre practitioner.

During the first 10 yearsof my Tour Leader activity, I have been travelling all over Europe leading educational tours but I chose to live in Rome since it is my favourite place in the world.

I love the city centre squares and the historical sites like the Colosseum, the Capitol, and the incredible museums around there.

I enjoy doing walking tours because they offer a great opportunity to see every day life in Rome.

My tours are based on the storytelling techniques I have been practicing for years as an actor and drama teacher.

I share facts and anecdotes with people on tour by adding songs and sound effects.

Let me take you on a journey through time and space and you will hear  “ the story of the history”.

My experiences in Theatre and Travel :

From 1996 to 2000 I have been working in some theatres in the UK.

From 2000 to 2008, I have been travelling all over Europe, Argentina and North America. as a tour leader of educational tours for students (age 14 to 21) .

I like sharing knowledge and ideas with people. I listen to them and learn every day something new every day.

Languages Spoken:

Italian (native speaker)

English   (fluent)

German (fluent)

Spanish (fluent)

French (fluent)

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