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Presto offers both semi-private and private tours of numerous sites in Sicily. Sicily is a product of historical ingenuity and ambitious endeavors. Due to the multitude of civilizations that influenced and settled in Sicily, its archaeological sites are remarkable. These various cultures also provided Sicily with its flourishing beginnings. The Greeks brought grapes and olives, the Byzantines brought lemons, pistachio and sugar cane and the Arabs instituted irrigation systems. Sicily is an island that boasts a heritage of numerous inspirations. Join us on one of our Sicily Tours below or customize your very own private tour of Sicily.

Ancient Agrigento Tour

Ancient Agrigento Tour >

Agrigento has a captivating and complex history dating back to prehistoric time. It is a city laden with architectural jewels and epic tales. Formerly known as Acragas by the Greeks, Agrigentum by the Romans, Kerkent by the Arabs and Girgenti by the Normans, Agrigento has unique historic layers to unearth!  Ancient Agrigento Tour

Ancient Syracuse Tour

Ancient Syracuse Tour >

Once a rival to Athens as the most important city in Ancient Greece, Syracuse has been an influential economic and political hub throughout the ages. The city is unrivaled in its abundance of ancient architecture including its famous Greek Theater, The Ear of Dionysius, the Temple of Apollo, the Tomb of Archimede and the Fountain of Arethusa.  View Ancient Syracuse Tour

Mysteries of Palermo Tour

Mysteries of Palermo Tour >

Named by the Greeks, Palermo (meaning "all-port") has magnetic energy that will pull you into its medieval alleys and gripping history. Our tour begins at the Catacombs of the Capuchin Friars, where more than 8,000 mummified bodies are in varying states of preservation. Other stops include Zisa Castle, Quattro Cantu, Piazza Pretoria and Church of La Martorana.  View Mysteries of Palermo Tour

Palermo City Tour

Palermo City Tour >

The largest province in Sicily and the capital of the island, the layout of Palermo is based on urban planning from the Middle Ages and is an easy place to get lost. Arab architectural influence from the Middle Ages is evident throughout the city including the Abbey Church of St. John of the Hermits and the town of Monreale which overlooks Palermo's valley.  View Palermo City Tour

Taormina Tour

Taormina Tour >

Situated on the warm waters of the Ionian Sea on the East Coast of the island, Taormina is laden with arresting scenery, including unrivaled views of Mt. Etna. Events abound throughout the year: summer brings the Greek Theatre's Art Festival, early March welcomes a magnificent Carnavale celebration and September hosts the festive Madonna della Rocca.   View Taormina Tour

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