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We welcome you to join us in creating the ideal touring experience for your clients traveling to Italy. Collaborate with Us.

+ Loyal Guests

We are humbled by our many guests who return to tour with us in Italy on their second, third, and even yearly trips to Italy.

+100 City Tours & Activities

We offer tours and activities in Italy’s major cities but also in smaller towns and villages.  We are also able to tailor experiences to our guests with our expansive network of our guides.

Dedicated Support Network

Our Presto Experts are available for complimentary Discovery Calls to help you create an ideal touring experience for your prized clients.  Once we know a little bit about your clients and their trip, we can match them with the tours and tour guides that we think they’ll enjoy most.

In addition, your clients will be provided with helpful tips and recommendations for their trip before their departure.

Guests will be provided with their tour guide’s names and phone numbers before their tour so they can be assured that their meeting up will be flawless.

Award Winning Tour Guides

We collaborate exclusively with experts in Italian art history who love sharing their knowledge.  You can be sure that your clients will be in good company.  Presto Guides are not only recognized professionals in their field but are kind, caring, and compassionate people.


We can give guidance on sites which are wheelchair accessible in Italy and provide assistance in making the necessary reservations.

Competitive Commission

We award travel agents with a 10 % commission to start. We appreciate the meticulous work of organizing clients’ travel itineraries and are so grateful for the business that agents entrust us with.  Higher commission rates are awarded in accordance with the number or reservations made with us.

Payment Methods

We send commission payments on the first Friday of each month for the preceding month’s completed tours.  For tax purposes, we require a monthly invoice to be sent to us by the first Friday of each month in order to carry out payments.

We can pay commission via Paypal, American check, or IBAN bank transfer.  If you prefer, we can provide you a coupon code instead to apply your commission to the cost of the tour.

First Hand Knowledge

If we haven’t lived there, we’ve been there. We can share our own experiences with you in order to make the best suggestions for your trip.

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