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Presto offers private tours of numerous sites in Venice. A city like no other, Venice is built on 100 low-lying islands. Linked together by bridges and walkways, the communities of the city share majestic canals upon which gondoliers navigate their boats. Geographically isolated from outside influences, Venice has sustained fiercely unique styles throughout its history: architecturally, artistically, politically and academically. Join us on one of our Venice Tour itineries below or customize your very own private tour of Venice.

We invite you to explore our suggested itineraries below. Or, send us your own ideas!

Venice City Tour

Venice City Tour >

Considered by many to be one of the most beautiful cities in the world, our tour of Venice will highlight the most famous monuments in the center of this gorgeous city.

View Venice City Tour

Venice Accademia Gallery Tour

Venice Accademia Gallery Tour >

Founded in 1750 by the Venetian Senate as Venice's school of architecture, painting, and sculpture, today the Accademia Gallery is the home of the most adored Venetian art of the 14th-18th centuries.

View Venice Accademia Gallery Tour

Venice Doge's Tour

Venice Doge's Palace Tour >

Discover how the elected leader of Venice lived on our walking tour of the gothic Doge's Palace. The focal point of Venetian political life, Doge's palace was the center for lawyers, Naval Officers, Chancellery, and the Grand Council.

View Venice Doge's Tour

Customized Tour

Private Custom Tour >

If your group has a special interest and would like to design your day to the tee by choosing which particular sites to visit, or if you prefer sightseeing on a whim and prefer a more spontaneous approach to your destination, we can arrange this for you. A Presto guide can meet you directly in your hotel lobby and you can set out to meet Italy together.

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