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Sydney Morning Herald

Sydney Morning Herald >

"If you're planning to travel independently and especially if your Italian isn't up to scratch, you might benefit from some of the tips garnered from my recent trip – many learnt the hard way."  View Article

Forbes Traveler

Forbes Traveler >

"Presto Tours are the best way to maneuver easily in the congested ancient city of Rome. No waiting in long lines at sites like the Vatican and Roman Forum. The guide slithers through crowds, and the three-hour presentations are compelling. At the Roman Forum, the Coliseum, and Vatican City, I literally saw ten times more than I had seen on a previous visit. The evening Rome City Tour is worth taking over and over again. We walked through the major piazzas and past the famous fountains while lights illuminated the sculpture and architecture. Amazing!"  View Article

Finding the Essence

Finding the Essence >

"I took four of Presto’s three-hour Rome tours recently and found the guides knowledgeable, personable, and entertaining. At Vatican City and on the Roman Forum and Colosseum walk, I saw literally ten times more than I had on a previous trip."  View Article

Glorious Rome

Glorious Rome >

"A month after Jeff and his family spent time in Emilia Romagna, Luanne and her daughter spent a week in Rome with one journey through Lazio to the Umbrian countryside."  View Article

The Washington Post

The Washington Post >

"Presto's founder and director, Kirsten Gottwald, also recommends visiting the Scavi, the excavations under St. Peter's Basilica, where the original grave of St. Peter is preserved. Admission is about $10. But commercial tours aren't allowed, so you must apply to the Vatican in writing. (Find details on the Vatican's Web site.)"  View Article

National Geographic

National Geographic >

"Walk this way in Rome. Do you know how to avoid the 2-3 hour lines for such treasures as Vatican City with its Museum, Sistine Chapel, and St. Peter’s, or the Colosseum with its adjacent Palatine Hill and Roman Forum? Or find quiet little alleyways that empty into such favorite, but ever so crowded sites as the Pantheon, Spanish Steps, Trevi Fountain, and Piazza Navona? Answer: Rome’s Presto Tours expose the secrets to this remarkable city, which was begun over 2,000 years ago and keeps rebuilding itself with the same stones."  View Article

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